Friday, February 1, 2013


Yesterday at around 4pm local time, Maulana Hashim, director of KumirKhali Jamiah Madrasa  and Maulana Dayed Alam son of Amir Hamza were handed over to NaSaKa HeadQuarter stationed at Kyee Kan Pyin locally known as Hawar Bil by Bomo Aung Myo Zaw Tey, a lieutenant commander of regional NaSaKa camp no-4 KumirKhali (Lett Ya) deliberately accusing them that they had organized the villagers not to support the operation (so-called unjust bangalisation operation). The authority also managed their puppets to depose evidences against them.

 Maulana Sayed Alam had been detained after being handcuffed by six NaSaKa personnel  on 25th of January when 64 Rohingya families in KumirKhali had been summoned by the said officer and after their arrival the girls and women were segregated and the whole day they were forced to round up the compound on bare foot and subjected to sexual abuses meanwhile young boys and men were treated with inhuman hostility and denigration by NaSaKas.
Remarkably the families were also not been allowed to participate on the census check up process. These all were simply because the Rohingya do not want to be called as Bangali and so denied the bangalisational operation being carried out by NaSaKas against the will of Rohingyas. Since then Maulana Hashim was being looked for and threaten to be delisted from the census. Unfortunately he got arrested at 2pm on Tuesday  30th of January.

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