Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hypocracy and Greedyness of High Level NaSaKas

On March 16, Md Islam 32 , son of Yaar Mohammed from Zee Byin Chaung ( jemaungkhali) had been arbitrary arrested by Luo Zaw Tet, a three star ranking commander of NaSaKa region (4) Lett Ya ( kumir khali). He was arrested at about 3:0pm when he was telephoning with a regionally legalized Bangladeshi mobile phone. Nearly 600 Bangladeshi mobile phone had been distributed by the said commander on 10000 kyat each to the villagers of NaSaKa region (4). 

After the victim was inhumanly tortured, he was demanded 500,000 kyats, an amount that his guardian could not afford. So he is still in detention.

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