Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My 21st Birthday(3rd April)

1.    Every one in the world
Whose birthday’s today
Inviting all friends
Holding legendary parties
Cutting the cake
Parents are feeding
Friends are wishing
‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ melodiously
Enjoying it cheerfully
And ending auspiciously….

2.    But, I (a Rohingya) have

Non stop discriminated martial law
No such just security personals (militaries)
No one receiving my invitation
No place to celebrate party
No friends wishing ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’
No parents feeding birthday cake
No intention of birthday comes up
No painter decorating my destination
No psychosocial worker counseling me…

3.    During the last year
To tell the truth
No movement permission I got
No money I could earn
No class I could attend
No entertainment I could enjoy
No game I could play
No restaurant I could sit
No mosque I could go
No aid I could touch

4.    During the last year
Many were raped and killed
Many were shot and chopped
Many were burnt alive in flames
Many were incarcerated
Many were kept in thirst and hunger
Many were drowned into tumultuous sea
Many were under arrest
Many were moved to IDP camps
And the rest are in death hall

5.    During the last year
Ethnic-cleansing made my student life wasted
Martial-law imprisoned me in open prison
Arson fire made my memory dumb
Forces bullets made my ears deaf
Rakhines blades made my eyes blind
Arakan authority made my heart traumatized
Myanmar government made my life lame
Local Buddhism made my expectations destroyed
Su Kyi’s quietness made community hopeless

6.    How can I be you?
In this advanced century 21st
And at the age 21st
Any one in the world
Has ever faced as me?
However … I am always praying
Whole heartedly and with hope
Thinking I’m in your heart
May all birthdays be happy!
May my next-birthday be happy!

7.    My all dear birth mates …
Those whose birthdays fall today
And ending the day cheerfully
And Holding the party legendarily
Let’s share mine equally too!!!
Let’s stand for justice jointly
Let’s try to celebrate together
Let’s feel all the same
Let’s find a suitable solution
Let’s treat Rohingyas as human

Azaad Bin Arakan
(Born on 3rd April 1990)

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