Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Legal Fishing Permit Doesn’t Work

      On 9th March at 4 PM, a 53 years old Rohingya named Ruhul Amin s/o Aminullah hailed from Auk Phyuma (Hansarirbil) was shot with a catapult by a rampant Nasaka of outpost camp of region (5) Ngakura. That was when he was fishing in Ngakura creek with a small rowing boat. Remarkably he had a permit book, costs 5000Ks which is forcibly distributed per month by the captain of the said region to every Rohingya fisherman.
      As a matter of misfortune, since the government sponsored preplanned attack on a Rakhine home in Ngakura, Rohingya in this region whose live-li-hood depends on fishery, has soon languished in starvation due to unbearable money extortion, taking the valuable fishes with no payment, and frequent torture by Nasakas for no reason. The NaSaKas can do whatever they want, they force the Rohingyas to buy fishing permit as though it is essential but on the other hand the permit becomes useless to protect extortion if NaSaKas want to extort.

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