Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Racial Segregation During The 2013 Matriculation Final Examination

      During the final matriculation examination that is being held since 13rd March this year, the Rohingya examinees in the examination board of Maungdaw, Buthidaung & Bali Bazar were racially seperated from those who themselves feel superiority to be of Rakhines. to sit for the exam seperately  in different rooms and all the Rakhine teachers are providing note papers to Rakhine examinees  secretly. 
      Notably this is a central examination annually held by the Board of Ministry of education. Although Rakhine students as of now, were discriminately provided assistances of their so-called examiners (Rakhines+Burman) in the examination hall with every possible method, Rohingyas in the past used to joinly participate in this regardless of race and religion. 
      But as a matter of grave concern, the State government seems to be matrializing the aparthied policy as the discrimination turned into segregation.

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