Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Authorities Make Rohingyas Scapegoat, Maung Daw

          Than Than Oo, a two star ranking police officer on 19th April launched a mass arrest in Aung Saik Pyin (called Reeda by Rohingya) and Kyien Chaung (known as BaliBazar) village tracts. After the victims were being subjected to inhumane torture in the police custody, nine of them were released extorting 2640000Ks.

The victims were identified as follows:
Name           Father           Village Tract             Extorted Money
Idris             Abdu Jalil       Kyien Chaung           1200000Ks
Abdul Munaf   Dudumia        Kyien Chaung           500000Ks
Nurkamal       Fetan Ali        Kyien Chaung           150000Ks
Nurul Amin     Rafiq             Kyien Chaung           150000Ks
Abdul Habib   Nagu            Dumbai                   30000Ks
Kalu              ....?              Dumbai                   20000Ks
Ayas             Md Husain     Dumbai                   20000Ks
Elyas            Sayyad                   Dumbai                   15OOOOKs
Abdul Jabbar  Bakhshu        Dumbai                   150000Ks

          On 18th April 2013, at about mid night, 10-15 armed Rakhines extremists from NaTaLa (modern village locally known as Mattoilla) of Dhom Bai village tract had gone to attack on the nearby Muslim village. However, as soon as the news went spread, the local Muslims on the spot rushed in order to make them run away without combat because they know that whenever this kind of attack carried out by Rakhines or other Buddhist groups against Muslims in Burma, no matter if they fail or success, the authorities often turn the burden on the Muslim locality.

          Accordingly, the next day, some Rakhine community leaders including one of the extremists who had a wound in his leg he got when they were running off. When they were resisted from attack, they went to police camp in Bali Bazar to make the Rohingya guilty of the incident. The police then began a mass arrest of innocent Rohingyas. Of the arrestees one was Idris s/o Abdu Jalil hails from Kyien Chaung village tract, who had been extorted 1200000Ks.

          After the organized attack on Rohingyas in June last year which is unfortunately being publicized widely as communal violence in Rakhine state by state and overseas media in exception of some.
          The Burmese government formed a collective youths from Rakhine, Mro, Chakma(Dyina) and other Buddhist ethnic groups, 90% of them was manned with extremists Rakhine particularly those who are sworn enemies of Rohingyas. They then appointed 6-8 security forces to safeguard Buddhists in each ethnic village and unleashed them of persecution, atrocities and violence against Rohingyas in the whole northern Arakan. For instance, on 14th April 2013, the armed Mros of Taring (Toryin) village made an attack on Sammoina of Chaung Pouk village tract nearly 5 km west to Boli Bazar(Kyien Chaung) village tract, and after looting a Rohingya house and torturing the owner Amir Husain s/o Abul Husain seriously, they ran away. When the authorities were informed about the incident, they demanded 30000Ks from the victim who lost everything.

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