Monday, April 15, 2013

Combined House Set Ablaze By Rakhines, Maung Daw

On 14th April 2013, a Rakhine group from a NaTaLa village, Khinn Chaung in Du-Chi Raden village tract set ablaze a combined house of two Rohingya families in a nearby village of the same village tract at about 9:45PM.
A combined house of Two Rohingya brothers Gura Meya and Rahmed Ullah sons of Soyodur Rahman in Morongor Deil hamlet of Du-Chii Ra Den village tract was set ablaze by a group of Rakhines from a nearby village, Khinn Chaung(model village) of the same village tract at about 9:45PM. The next day in the morning a NaSaKa officer from Min Gyi Chaung Camp came to the area and investigated a woman from the burnt house when she stated that it was done by Rakhines from the Khinn Chaung village but no action taken yet against them.

“After they set fire on the house, when the Rohingya villagers came out to set it off, the military security forces (settled there to secure Khinn Chaung village only) fired their guns up to the sky to stop the Rohingyas from setting the fire off while we saw in the light of fire that the Rakhines who set the fire were standing near the blazing house but the security personals did nothing to take action against them” said a Rohingya from the village.
“These Rakhines have been threatening us for more than five days saying to attack our village during the water festival that’s why we were watching our village in these nights but tonight the militaries chased us from the said area so that they would have easily burnt our houses. I don’t know why the militaries who are supposed to protect the life of the villagers are supporting to create problems between two communities?” He added.

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