Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear World!!!

·         Dear world!
Having several huge eyes
Why do you pretend as innate blind?
For Burmese government and Buddhist people
How easy to oppress and deport
The Arakan bona fide people
As Rohingya is historically native
Ill tyrants enacted a ‘1982 Dutch-law’
And to day no one likes to reform at all
So we’re still in genocide and exile
Burmese forces kill not us with ax
They kill us with needle
Buddhist people let not us enjoy with ours
They want to eliminate Muslims in profound schemes
But allegations take place first upon Muslims
Yet we are in the brink of such of plight
Where the death comes before our liberation
And reward arrives before our imagination
No ethnic in any history has been faced like Arakan Muslims
So, Rohingyas are regarded as the most multipersecuted ethnic!

·         Dear world!
Due to waves of Rohingyas tears
Aren’t you became still wet?
For Burmese forces and Buddhist extremists
How easy to fine and extort
Life-blood of Muslim people
Miscreants grab and steal at night
Forces extort and fine without rights
When a house’s constructed,(200000) is fined
When a person’s married, (100000) is fined
For a death and birth, (20000) is fined
In check points,
Pocket money is extorted
Waves to resell to market are half-grabbed
When a riot takes place in a hamlet
Muslims throughout township are accused and banned
As all allegations are discriminatory
Very large sums of money is extorted
Sometimes replace the Muslims in those places
And who have nothing are incarcerated!

·         Dear world!
Due to gushing of Rohingyas’ blood
Aren’t you became still reddish?
For Burmese forces and extremists
How easy to shoot and kill?
Muslims minority
Government distributed guns formally
Twenty percents per Buddhist village
And enclosing everything for Muslims
Making ‘Genocide’ to eliminate ethnic
Mullah and leader are assassinated one by one
Peasant and wood cutter are hacked and strangled in forest
Fishermen are slaughtered in river and stream
Lagoonkeepers are assaulted and killed in hut and tent
During emergency declaration
How hot crime the Buddhists do commit
No action for them as there’s no law
If there’s a Muslim in out of time
Security forces see nothing except bullets!

·         Dear world!
Due to blaze of Buddhists arson attack
Aren’t you became still flaming?
How easy to incinerate and burn down
Muslims’ houses, shops and mosques
Robbing and collecting the cash and jewels
A mob of miscreants destroy and perish Muslims shelter
To which are closed with theirs
And fire all those which aren’t near
Old and weak are burnt alive in there
Infants and kids are thrown into fire
When devastation knows so bound
Then emergency is declared
Not because to control
But because to inflate many more
Police and Hluntin add fuel to fire
Military and NaSaKa make blood boiled
Security forces sharpen Buddhist swords
And government’s absent for Muslims protection!

·         Dear world!
Due to scream of Rohngyas’ chronic agonies
Aren’t you became still deaf?
For NRS Burmese forces
How easy to rape and kill
Poor Muslims ladies
Not only military and police
But also NaSaKa and Hluntin
Firing and deporting the men
Rape and molest innocent women
Take all belles to camp and forest
And use them there as sex slaves
Some are killed in sexual violence
Due to whole night insult and harass
Even be an in adolescent
The forces commit sexual brunt
Even be a lactating woman
The gang of forces rape and stunt
What thing Rohingya doesn’t face?
Or more any for an ethnic to hamper?

                                            Azaad Bin Arakan

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