Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Innocent Religeo Escaped From Death, Maung Daw

        Fakira Bazar, MDW North: Molvi Noor Mohammed 49 s/o Sultan Ahmad had supposedly fled the country to escape from possible death sentence by the Burmese racist authority. For this possible penalty, no reason has yet been ascertained. Reportedly due to his alleged involvement in Rohingya political parties in Bangladesh.
        On 1st May, 2013 at about 8:00 PM, more than 30 Nasaka personals from the Region no (5), Kha Maung Seik had besieged his home. In searching for him as a highly wanted criminal, they virtually left no stone unturned in the home but as he already went selling wood to Maungdaw, he has not been arrested. Frankly, no violence during the operation as usually carried out by them has been reported.
        Molvi Noor Mohammed (religious intellectual) is nothing more than a poor old man. He used to teach in Madrasa (Islamic school) run by local charity from which he earned a meager income of 50000Ks and that was regarded his only livelihood. But unfortunately, since last year June's State-sponsored ethnic cleansing in Arakan province, he and the teachers like him and nearly the entire Rohingya community became an easy prey of starvation due to government’s restriction on movement, arbitrary taxation, extortion under no criminal offence, and artificial price hike of foods which has been greedily sold by local Rakhine businessmen to Rohingyas, as well as the government put strong restriction on any Islamic services. As a consequence, he began selling wood though that did not cover the necessity of his family. Rohingyas in northern Rakhine State (NRS) live in fear of being arrested with no legal charge, "everyone would be caught sooner or later" said a school teacher from NRS anonymously.

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