Monday, September 30, 2013

Confiscation of Rohingyas’ Farm Land, Maung Daw

There is a farm land of Rohingyas between Nurulla village and Du-Chii Rar Den village tract which was 590 acres wide that is the only main income source of the two villagers living nearby. In 2008 the authorities confiscated 470 acres of the land and it was given away to NaTaLa model villagers. In 2012 the government confiscated 20 more acres for the model villagers again.

Now, as the model villagers are cultivating even on the remaining 100 acres, the Rohingyas complained the case to Manager of Agriculture Department and the manager did prevent the model villagers from doing so. Then now, a leading monk living in Bawdi Gone monastery had discussion with both township and district administrator where he said that the place is needed for the monastery. For this reason, in these days, all the junior monks from the monastery and the model villagers with the guidance of the leading monk are threatening Rohingyas saying that if any Rohingya is found cultivating on the land he will immediately be killed. As the main income source of the two Rohingya villagers is confiscated, the Rohingyas are facing major economic crisis currently.

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