Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Right Is Might

.         “Rohingyas were kings in Arakan.
Rohingya language was used in Arakan court.”
Said a history researcher Mr. Htay Lwin Oo.

·         “Rohingya didn’t come to Burma place.
Burma came to Rohingya place.”
Said Noble Laureate, Harvard Professor Amartya Sen . . . .

·         “We can’t say Rohingyas aren’t citizens according to 1982 law.
Because Rohingyas were recognized as union citizens before 1982.”
Said NDPD chairman Mr. Abu Tahay.

·         “Rohingyas are denied union citizenship.
Also have been facing genocide.”
Said the world HRW special rapporteur Mr. Thomas Ojea Quintana

·         “Rohingyas are Muslims minority in Myanmar,
Regarded as the most persecuted ethnic of the planet.”
Said the world United Nations.

·         “All Muslims in Myanmar are targeted.
So have been facing systematic killing.”
Said OIC secretary general Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu.

·         “End now apartheid against Rohingya.
Rohingya is an ethnic group in Myanmar.”
Said and African Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu.

·         “Everyone has a dignity.
So have in Rohingyas.”
Said US president Barak Hussein Obama.

·         President Sein wants to beg pardon.
As he miscalls Rohingyas as illegal immigrants.”
Said ARU-DG, Proffessor Dr. Wakar Uddin.

·         “Nothing lasts forever . . . .
Not even Rohingya’s trouble.”

By Azaad Bin Arakan

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