Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rohingya’s Video Parlor Was Burnt By Rakhines, Maung Daw

           On 12th of Nov 2012, at night (3:00AM) a video parlor namely LG of Rahmed Ullah s/o Kasim from Oo Daung village tract, Maung Daw was set fire.
           According to a 50 Ys old Rohngya who doesn’t want to be named, a video parlor in Oo Daung village tract called LG was set fire at 3:00AM (night) on 12th of Nov. Villagers could set the fire off but then it was half burnt. U Tin Maung (Rakhine), village administrator who organized some of his followers (Rakhines) to set fire on the video parlor. When it is half razed, he (village admin) shouted and called Rohingyas and set it off.
After that the admin called the owner of the parlor and forcibly made him to sign on a blank paper saying to complain about that to the concerned authority as it was done by the Rohinygas, respected and elderly persons such as Sham Shu s/o Nozir Ahmed, Mv- Nur Hussein s/o Mohamed, Edris, Mv-Zubair, etc otherwise he will complain against all the villagers over the accusation of creating riot. The admin put the owner’s name to be complainer and wrote that Rohingyas did that and mentioned some name of the Rohingyas (who are rich, educated and respected) on the signed paper and submitted it to the officer of Nasaka sector (7). So, the villagers are under fear of arbitrary arrest and worried.
           Oo Daung is a village where 95% Rohingya lives, Rakhines only 5%. Though this is Rohingya majority village the authority appointed a village administrator from 5% Rakhine. So, he can do any thing he wants with the help of authority. He has been persecuting the Rohingyas for a long time.

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