Friday, December 14, 2012

Army Medical Group Denied Providing Treatments To Rohingyas Patients, Maung Daw

       On 5th Dec 2012, a medical group of army provided treatment to Rakhines and Hindus in Maung Daw north. The Rohingyas were told that they are not indegenouse of Myanmar and were rejected.
       On 5th Dec 2012, an army medical group by a helicopter from Yangon landed in Nasaka area no: 1, Maung Daw north. There, the group called the villagers and said “we are here to give medical treatment to the patients, send sicks persons to us”. They gave treatments to Rakhines and Hindus but Rohingyas were denied and were told that they are not indigenous of Myanmar, said a villager.
       On 9th Dec 2012, in Thamann Tharr village track, Nasaka area no: 2, the medical group provided treatment to Rakhines and Hindus except Rohingyas, the villager added.
       Many Rohingya patients in Maung Daw north and south are suffering from various harmful diseases. Some of them died because of the movement restriction (imposed for only Rohingyas), poverty and fear of the medical staffs. All the medical staffs in Maung Daw general hospital are Rakhines who relate Rohingyas rudely and charges large amount of money.

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