Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rakhines With Militaries Robbed Rohingyas’ Cows, Maung Daw

       On 9th Dec 2012, from a cow tending field of Zaw Matet village tract, nearly 100 oxes (including cows) were robbed by the Rakhines from Thayay Kone Baung Natala village along with militaries. Later, as they had to realeased the cows by the order of Nasaka commander, they cut a Rohingyas’ garden down and brought to their village.
       On 9th Dec 2012, at 3:30PM, from the field (west side of Alay Than Kyaw Str) of Zaw Matet village tract, nearly 100 oxes (including cows) have been taken by the Rakhines from Thayay Kone Baung Natala village with the militaries incharged there and were kept in that Natala village. When the Rohingyas(owners) asked these back, the militaries tortured and threatened them by shooting their guns up to the sky. Then, the owners complained the case to Nasaka Sectoral Commander of sector(7). As the commander phoned to the militaries to release the cows, the owners went to the militaries for getting back their cows again where though some of them were severely tortured, they got their cows back.
       The next day, to show dissatisfaction on the complaint to the Nasaka commander, the Rakhines and the militaries cut all the trees down and brought to their homes from a garden (in the forest west side of Zaw Matet) owned by two Rohingyas from Zaw Matet, Abul Kalam s/o Mohamed Shafi and Monir Ahmed s/o Abul Hussein as a revenge. Then when the Rohingyas informed the case to the Nasaka commander, this time he replied that “it is up to them (militaries), I can do nothing”. After that, the Rohingyas informed to the battalion commander who stays in the compound of BEHS-Maung Daw, but he too showed ignorance saying that he does not control that far to Thayay Kone Baung.
       Rakhines and militaries joined together to persecute Rohingyas. They are robbing, torturing, raping, looting, extorting, etc. with the aim to cleanse Rohingyas from Arkan state.

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