Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Authority Prohibits Funeral Prayer, Maung Daw

In Zedi Pyin village of Shwe Zarr village tract, NaSaKas are looking for an Imam (Cleric) to arrest because he lead a funeral prayer for a Rohingya who died at the age of 73. Now he is hiding for the fear of arbitrary arrest. Since 8th June 2012, Rohingyas are not allowed to gather for funeral prayer.
Abu Zakir, a retired teacher (73Yr) hailed from Zedi Pyin hamlet of Shwe Zarr village tract passed away (died) on 5th Jan 2013. The Janaza salaat of Thee was held at 8:30AM on that day, in front of the BEMS<ZDP>. Now, Nasakas (Boarder Security Forces) are searching for Imam who leaded the salaat to arrest. Nasaka(s) from camp-14 came at 2pm and they  tried to get the details about the Imam. They asked the name of Imam from many people, but no one told the name. Finally, they attacked Anowar,a shopkepper of near the Janaza square,for not telling the truth about the Imam. The searching is still going on...

A trader, Abukalam, the shop runner of (shop no.15/ C-1, Myoma market, MDW) hailed from Zedi Pyin died on 7th Jan 2013 at 8:35PM at the age of 60, a Zedipyan villager, was recently died on 8:35pm, 7th Jan. The villagers are preparing to get the Jannaza salaat of thy secretly at 5:30am on 8th Jan.
Myanmar government have been declaring that Rakhine Riot was not happened based on religeiouse differences, the conflict was happened only between two communites. But in reality, it was created by the Rakhines who don not want Rohingyas simply because Rohingyas are Muslims. Now, the government is helping them (the Rakhines) to reach their goal of making Arakan State to Muslim Free Zone. Beside killing hundreds of Rohingyas and making thounsands of others homeless, the government had successfully closed all the mosques and madrasas. But the governments are not satisfied yet, they are even restricting Rohigyas from praying funeral prayers .

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