Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A New Wave Of Buddhist Massacre In Myanmar, Maung Daw

        Last Friday, May 3, 2013, the Rohingya elders and religious intelligent were strongly threatened in several meetings summoned by high-ranking officials from Military department. ''Any of the information about the absence of any of you from respective area during these days, and any of the attempt against the government as well as the involvement in the newly 'jihad' reportedly being organized in Bangladesh, will be liable to be shot death, so beware!

        The government has also increased security measures and deployed special intelligent agency to inspect anyone at the Rohingya predominant area. A point here deserving of attention is that the government formed people's Militia with modern weapons in all village tracts of Arakan. According to the Eleven, the Burmese 1st domestic Media Group ''Myanmar has beefed up security measures and tightened...'' and ''We have been reported the terrorists are trying to enter the country and attempt bombing. So, we have ordered to set up security measures. We must be always alert as they may wait for the chance to attack. Security has been tightened at the border check points, ''Ref; Min Aung Lt.Col. from Headquarter of Myanmar Police Force. The Burmese government through unofficial print and online media, is now believed to be rhetorically trying to have a chance to carry out another massacre under the cover of State security and stability through mass arrest extrajudicial killing of innocent Rohingyas, and restriction on movement and other human rights abuse.
        As the media turned the baseless accusation to helpless Rohingya citing, ''the Muslim living in Myanmar, espicially hardcore members are campaigning for enlisting their conspiracy'' and ''The main targeted areas are Maungdaw Township and Buthidaung Township where Bengali(refering to Rohingya) migrants account for 90 percent of the total population ''they added. Now, Rohingyas are likely being targeted by the authorities as it happened before.
        According to Mr. AKF Jelani, an exiled Rohingya activist and former candidate for MP from NLD in 1990, ''From May 1994, North Arakan had become a new killing Field. At SLORC death camps of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships, Rohingyas were tortured, shot and slaughtered, more chilling is that the people were to dig their own grave before being killed or buried alive. Alleging as RSO sympathizers, Rohingyas were taken late at night from their homes and were tortured to death and buried alive, ''he mentioned more 'under the pretext of looking for insurgents, random killing in the villages is a regular routine action of the SLORC/SPDC brute forces''.

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