Wednesday, September 4, 2013


·         Ya Allah …
May be it’s the time for Jesus Christ to land!
Cos the age becomes full of brutalities
How can a president kill bona-fide citizens!
How can a religion deteriorate another!
How cannot a body rescue a victim!
·         Ya Allah …

What sort of crime we commit
We never create any campaign
We never invade any state
We never terrorize any one like another
What we just asking for is the citizenship of our motherland
·         Ya Allah …
Why does Myanmar think us as ‘illegal immigrants’?
Why do Buddhists name us ‘Kalar’?
At first, they nullified us from the history
Today, they’ taking us to the depth of genocide
But, you know well how noble ethnic we are!
·         Ya Allah …
Government’s scheme is deeper than our generation
Force’s bullets are faster than our breath
Buddhists’ swords are longer than our future
Now, we’re vanishing from the earth without world war
But, you know well in which plight we still are!
·         Ya Allah …
How fatal government persecution is!
How sentimental state sorrow is!
What a great adventure, people have to spend for union citizenship!
And how much we have to face it!
How long we have to feel it!
·         Ya Allah …
Giving us birth in humankind together
Having the same sophisticated memory like another
Being also on the same earth and under the same sky
Why isn’t there the same share for us …
From the bed of the earth and the shelter of the sky?
·         Ya Allah …
Hearing the sweat ‘we’re worry for Rohingya’ of the world and uniteds
We’re currently feeling ‘diabetes’
Even it’s the greatest crime of the century
All are doing nothing but pretending!
Not for another else, just for being Muslims!
·         Ya Allah …
Please let ‘him’ land to the earth immediately
Let ‘him’ perform who is in need of what
Let ‘him’ provide governing the whole planet peacefully
Cos the world is still lack of all!

                                                                                                         Azaad Bin Arakan

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