Monday, September 30, 2013

Money Extorting By Police, Maung Daw

Abdul Kader s/o Sharu Hussein is a human trafficker of Padinn village tract in Maung Daw who tried to send six Rohingyas from Padinn village tract to Malaysia under the agreement of 500,000KS per head from which 200,000Ks was taken already and the remaining was told to have been given after reaching the target seven years ago. But while they were going by sea with other people, all the people on the boat including these six people were arrested on the way in Srilanka before reaching their target.
There in Srilanka, each of them were sentenced for 5 years imprisonment. As these people got arrested before reaching their goal, the deal they made with the trafficker for paying 300,000Ks after reaching the goal was broken and so the trafficker did not ask for the money. But later when they themselves managed to get Malaysia after spending five years imprisonment in Srilanka the trafficker in Padin village tract got the information and asked for the money 300,000Ks per each going to each of their families living in Padinn. When the families hesitated to pay saying that they had to spend 5 years imprisonments and so the deal was not carried the way it should be, the trafficker complained to the policemen from human trafficking preventing department and they extorted 50,000Ks from each of the families on 24th of Sept 2013 at about 9:00AM without investigating the case.
The six persons are;
1.    Abdur Rahim      s/o Abdul Gani
2.    Yasin                s/o Amir Hussein
3.    Abdul Amin        s/o Basu Meya
4.    Gula Hussein      s/o Abdu Jalil
5.    Malkha Banu      d/o Ali Akbar
6.    Mohamed Jalal   s/o Sultan
7.    Amin                s/o Khalil

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